Tac Tankers AssociationAll former military members who were associated with KB-29's or KB-50's as aircrew, groundcrew, or administrative personnel.
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Photo Gallery
622nd_49-0331_flys_over_Hayes 431st_49-0391 421st_KB-50D_at_Yokota_AB 421st_48-0047_refuels_F-100 420th_49-0379 427th_KB-50K_over_the_Andes 431s_KB-50J_Marine_RF-8 427th_51-0467_at_Langley_OOPS KB-29_Boom_check 421ST_48-0059_THE_BEAST_OF_THE_EAST
429th_4-80048_and_622nd_4-80051_at_D-M KB-50J_at_D-M 427th_0-10450_refuels_F-100 427th_close_formation 427th_KB-50J_over_Atlantic 427th_Just_a_bit_too_close KB-50_formation_over_Lajes 427th_429th_and_431st_at_Lajes 420th_0-48004 431st_KB-50J-Open_House
Row_of_KB-50_at_D-M_1963 431st_0-90389_at_W-P_museum 427th_KB-50_landing_at_Lajes 427th_51-0461_at_Lajes 427th_51-0449 Tanker_flyover_at_Lajes 431st_49-0391_tests_reels 420th_0-90376 427th_51-0452 431st_49-0391_pre-take-off
420th_AREFS_refuels_RB-66 KB-50_from_Eglin_Operational_Test_Center_refuels_RB-66 Resting_#4_Engine_over_Wake_Island_1959 420th_47-0170_refuels_RB-66 420th_KB_50J_at_Sculthorpe 420th_KB-29_0-469674 420th_KB-29_Dumping_fuel 421st_49-0282_1959 421st_48-0059_Open_House 420th_47-0170 _efuels RB-66
420th_KB-29_484005_Sculthorpe 420th_insignia_and_484005 421st_48-0119 KB-50D_Eglin_Test_Center 420th_w_F-100 KB-50J_Multi-tasking 421st_KB-29 431st_at_D-M 427th_Refuels_Thunderbirds_enroute_to_Chile_May_1960 431st_at_Biggs
421st_Yokota 421st_Wake_Island 420th_48-0125 420th_49-0373 420th_49-0350 420th_48-0084 420th_47-0170 421st_0-90357 420th_close-up 420th_flyover_trio
420th_KB-50J 420th_Open_House 420th_48-0118 421st_at_Clark 421st_0-90330 421st_49-0316 _Invictus 421st_Postflight_Dock 421st _Old Yeller 48-0052 and B-50's awaiting modification 48-0052 at Hayes June 1957
48-0052 broken and burned at Hayes Aircraft 48-0052 burned at Hayes 49-0321 and 48-0107 49-0372 at Pima 49-0389 at MacDill AFB 420th-Right on time with B-66's 421st 49-0282 and F-100's 421st and Navy Planes_1961 427th 51-0451 at Argentia NF 427th 51-0459 at Argentia NF
429th 48-0085 Balls O' Fire 429th 49-0382 429th_Over the Atlantic 431st 49-0321 and 48-0107 431st 49-0321 Miss Sue 431st 49-0380 431st 49-0380 431st 49-0389 431st_49-0389 at Biggs 622nd 48-0078
622nd 48-0363 622nd 49-0308 and F-100's 622nd 49-0368 622nd Alaska flight 622nd Crews at Midway 622nd engine check 622nd KB-50D from 49-0354 622nd refueling B-66's 622nd-tankers bubble view Anytime_Anywhere-Any Weather
B-66 cockpit view B-66 tucked in close Crew Chief Chuck Monka at Argentia NF OOPS! What's this_ Returning flight at Lajes RF-101 and 622nd KB-50D's