Tac Tankers AssociationTac Tankers Association 2018 Reunion
2019, Dayton/Fairborn, OH
May 26 - May 29, 2019

This is the list of attendees as of May 12, 2019

Abell, David, Leonardtown MD - 427th, 429th
Abell, Dolly Spouse, Leonardtown MD
Arnold, Tex, Parker CO - 429th
Arnold, Patc Spouse, Parker CO
Beehler, JoAnn, Cottontown TN - Guest
Bernardi, Linda Guest, Sacramento CA
Bernardi, Cy Guest, Sacramento CA
Bessette, John, Springfield VA - 429th
Boyington, Pappy, Ft. Walton Beach FL - 421st
Bray, Calvin, Morgantown WV - 427th
Bray, Delores Spouse, Morgantown WV
Bridges, Tom, Portland TX - 431st
Bridges, Mary Spouse, Portland TX
Burns, Karen Guest, Lake Charles LA      
Chapman, Lou, Lockeford CA - 421st
Clark, Charles, Weldon CA - 431st
Clark, Terry Spouse, Weldon CA
Craig, Gary, Kirkland WA - 421st
Deruiter, Dave, Sarasota FL - 429th
Deruiter, Carole Spouse, Sarasota FL
Desin, Allan Sacramento CA - 427th
Desin, Diane Spouse, Sacramento CA
Dodd, Loyd, Flatt IL - 429th
Dodd, Ellen Spouse - Flatt IL
Dodd, Jessica Guest, Flatt IL
Dodd, Kole Guest, Flatt IL
Elliott, Harold, Roseville MI - 431st
Elliott, Gail Spouse, Roseville MI
Ellis, Darlene Guest, Marion IN
Fitzgerald, Thomas Berkeley, Springs WV - 427th
Fitzgerald, Delores Spouse Berkeley, Springs WV
Gawell, Frank, Lebanon OH - 427th
Gawell, Joyce Spouse, Lebanon OH
Hannibal, Oscar, Ruston LA - 427th
Hannibal, Mary Spouse, Ruston LA
Hansen, Harry, Racine WI - 421st
Hansen, Kathy Spouse, Racine WI - Racine WI
Hansen, Kelly Guest, Racine WI
Wilson, Finn Guest, Racine WI
Wilson, Murphy Guest, Racine WI
Hill, Natalie, Winter Park FL
Hoover, Pug, Grants Pass OR - 427th, 429th, 431st
Hoover, Norma Spouse, Grants Pass OR
Hoyle, John, Rockville MD  - 431st
Kirby, George, Medway OH - 431st
Kruger, Ken, Reno NV - 622nd
Larimer, Walt, Fairborn OH- 420th
Mathews, Matt, Lake Charles LA - 420th
Mills/Lofgren, Anne Guest , Lancaster PA
Myers, Gary, Poquoson VA - 420th, 431st
O'Dell, Jim, Cottontown TN - 431st
O'Leary, Mike, El Cajon CA - 427th, 429th
O'Leary, Barbara Spouse, El Cajon CA
Ono, Sadami, Bellevue WA - Guest
Patterson, Neil, Boerne TX - 431st, 427th
Patterson, Olga Spouse, Boerne TX
Prenatt Douglas, Sharonville OH - 420th
Rinaldi, Gus, The Villages FL - 429th, 420th
Rinaldi, Ann  Spouse, The Villages FL
Schleihs, Bob, Marinette WI - 431st
Schleihs, Jan Spouse, Marinette WI
Seay, Bob, Lock Haven PA - 4505th, 429th
Selfridge, Pat, Kenmore WA - 421st
Szanyi, Annella Spouse, Tupelo MS
Veino, Clarence, Tacoma WA - 421st
Ventura, Vic, Vacaville CA - 431st
Ventura, Chris Spouse, Vacaville CA
Wolford, Bill, S. Burlington VT - 429th, 421st
Wolford, Shirley Spouse, S. Burlington VT