All former military members as members who were associated with the KB-29's or KB-50's as aircrew, groundcrew, or administrative personnel


Hampton Reunion photos

KB-50 Reunion, Robins AFB Georgia

9, 10, 11 October 1998

Tom Price sent this letter to me after the last reunion and asked that I forward it to all of you. He contributed this after observing the proceedings at Warner Robins.



"It's not the unit number , not the type of airplane that makes a good or outstanding organization--- it's the MEN assigned to the unit, the guys that fly the planes, maintain the planes, keep the records, do parts repair work and/or inspections--- the guys who take PRIDE in their work, whatever it might be, --- they are what makes an outstanding organization. They are proud to have been a part of the success the unit enjoyed and want to keep in touch with their Buddies after they have left the unit, and, yes, even after they separate from the service or retire after umpteen years of service. It was great to see so many of you so glad to see your friends again and meet other guys that were there before and after you served. All of you are to be commended to have maintained such interest and enthusiasm toward your buddies and your former organization that you would travel from far and wide to attend the reunion.

AND ONE MORE THING--- All those ladies that were there, if they are the same ones that were with you in the service (and I'm sure most of them were), the ones who stayed at home while we were TDY for weeks at a time, taking care the kids, get the plumbing problems fixed, the car repaired and all those little things that seem to go wrong at the wrong time---- we owe them a great debt of gratitude for the wonderful job they did during our absence. Give them a hug and thank them again!!!

For those of you who were not at Warner Robins, I heard a lot - "What ever happened to ole ________ _________, I wonder what he is doing now? Or, I wonder why he's not here today? ? If you didn't make it to Warner Robins, you missed a good one and your ears should have been burning, because someone that was there was talking about you.

I enjoyed seeing all of you and meeting a lot of you for the first time. I'll see you at the next one---- TJP

(Left to Right) Gene Martin; John DuRette; I.L. (Roy) Marler; Emory Morgan & Gordon Jacobson

Gene Martin; Don Wadsworth; Emory Morgan; Justin Shires

Al Courtney; Bebe Courtney

Marge Clark; Les Clark

Ted Buck; Les Clark

Jack DuGuid; Gene Martin; Emory Morgan; Gordon Jacobson; Les Clark

Col. Tom Price

?;?; Mary Jenkins; Harvey Jenkins

Ted Buck (President); Jorge Mangual (Secretary; Robert (Bo) Ault (Treasurer)

Tom Grey; Nate Hill (Vice President); Joyce Grey

Gordon Jacobson; Gilbert Switzer (The Two Powers Behind The Reunion)

Jorge Mangual; George Graves (M.C. of the Saturday evening get together) Nate Hill


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