Tac Tankers AssociationTac Tankers Association 2018 Reunion
2018, San Antonio, TX Reunion
April 29 - May 2, 2018

This is the list of attendees as of March 14, 2018

Ahrens, Steve 427th, 429th, Redmond WA
Ahrens, De Ette Spouse, Redmond WA
Arnold, Tex 429th, Parker CO
Henry (Arnold), Patc Spouse, Parker CO
Boyington, "Pappy" 421st, Fort Walton Beach FL
Bridges, Tom 431st, Portland TX
Campbell, John 429th, 431st, University Place WA
Chapman, Lou 421st, Lockeford CA
Clark, Charles 431st, Weldon CA
Clark, Terry Spouse, Weldon CA
Clisby, Edward 427th, Palm City FL
Clisby, Judy Spouse, Palm City FL
Craig, Gary 421st, Kirkland WA
Ono, Sadami Guest, Bellevue WA
Elliott, Harold 431st, Roseville MI
Elliott, Gale Spouse, Roseville MI
Ellis, Darlene Guest, Marion IN
Hanna, John 429th, 431st, San Antonio TX
Hill, Natalie Spouse (421st), Winter Park FL
Hoover, Pug 427th, 429th, 431st, Grants Pass OR
Krey, Floyd  622nd, 421st  Rancho Cordova CA
Hoover, Norma Spouse, Grants Pass OR
Kruger, Ken 622nd, Reno NV
Matsudaira, Mitch 421st, Seattle WA
Myers, Gary 420th, 431st, Poquoson VA
O'Dell, Jim 431st, Cottontown TN
O'Leary, Mike 427th, 429th, El Cajon CA
O'Leary, Barbara Spouse, El Cajon CA
Rinaldi, Gus 429th, 420th, The Villages FL
Rinaldi, Ann, Spouse, The Villages FL
Young, JoAnn Guest, Cottontown TN
Seay, Robert 4505th, 429th, Locke Haven PA
Schleihs, Robert 421st, Marinette WI
Schleihs, Jan Spouse, Marinette WI
Selfridge, Pat 421st, Kenmore WA
Szanyi, Annella Honorary, Byhalia, MS
Thompson, Roy 431st, Woodburn OR
Thompson, Ruth Spouse, Woodburn OR
Veino, Clarence 421st, Tacoma WA
Ventura, Vic 431st, Vacaville CA
Ventura, Chris Spouse, Vacaville CA
Westhafer, Tom 429th, Scottsdale AZ
Westhafer, Susan Spouse, Scottsdale AZ
Wolford, William 429th, 421st, So. Burlington VT
Wolford, Shirley Spouse, So. Burlington VT
Parker, Gary 429th, 421st, Rosehill KS
Parker, Linda Spouse, Rosehill KS
Wall, Patricia Guest, Rosehill KS
Dewey, Cynthia Guest, Rosehill KS